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Practice Philosophy

Life can be tricky. No matter what challenges you’re facing, everyone needs someone to help navigate life’s rocky roads. If you’re at a crossroads, and need the professional guidance and insight of an empathic clinical therapist, I am ready to help.

A strong, safe, therapeutic alliance between client and therapist forms the very core of a meaningful experience for the client. I believe it’s important to find the right fit when you’re sitting down to share your personal story with a chosen professional. 

My approach to clinical practice is to create a warm, compassionate place from which to help you grow on your journey of healing and self discovery. The process unfolds at your pace, using a variety of treatment modalities best suited for your specific goals, and problem-solving strengths.

I am a firm believer in the process of psychodynamic therapy, and in its power to move us from pain to a better, safer sense of self. When we feel strong and empowered to make change in our lives, we can move huge emotional mountains back into perspective, and see the road ahead more clearly.

I've had the pleasure of working with people from a wide range of experiences and backgrounds, and they each bring a broad spectrum of human issues and psychological pain to therapy:

From the heartache of separation, divorce, and abandonment, to the painful loss of a loved one through death or trauma, ongoing grief support for you and your family can help.

If you are navigating the conflicting emotional and physical challenges of care-giving for an elderly parent or spouse and need support, I can help.

When anger, depression, or anxiety, interfere with personal wellness, you want to feel better, but don’t know where to start. Call my office for a free consultation, and we’ll explore the process together.

From foster care to adoption, and from employment crises to midlife crises, our human emotions and feelings are tested every single day. Let me help you find a safe, compassionate place where your feelings can be heard, and your humanness can be applauded.

About Me

I am a licensed clinical social worker with a Generalist Practice Master’s Degree in Social Work from Kean University. I received my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology from Kean University, with a minor in Women’s Studies.


In addition to private practice, I currently serve on the Advisory Board of Kean University’s MSW Program.

My career trajectory in a nutshell: From international non-profit Cultural Exchange in the 1980’s, to independent school admissions for NJ’s oldest K-12 day school during the 1990’s, I’ve enjoyed many years of immense personal and professional growth. After the traumatic national losses of September 11th, I worked for nearly a decade providing grief support to children and families across New Jersey. As State Chapter Director, I partnered with teachers, social workers, and community volunteers opening new sites in dozens of towns, schools, and churches from Sussex to Ocean Counties, helping hundreds of families across the state heal through their grief.

Doing corporate social work for a large Employee Assistance company, I helped employees and their families by providing direct services and referrals for psychotherapists to address anxiety, depression, fractured personal relationships, and addictions.

Most recently as a clinical social worker in a large sub-acute and long-term healthcare facility, I provided direct clinical case management for 135 residents and their families. It was my honor and privilege to have an impact on, and improve, the overall daily quality of life for nursing home residents and their families, to help them plan for, (and sit with them), during their final moments.

Working with our aging population has had a profound impact on my practice ideals and treatment philosophy. If the happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts, then together, let us figure out how to recapture your happiness. You deserve peace of mind.

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